Saturday, July 30, 2005

A New Post....

Hey vanilla gorilla fans. It had been awhile simce my last post so I thought I would blog and try to give some updates. Work is going fairly well I had to work last night and hear karokee I remain adament in my stance that karokee is in fact evil, at least for drunk people with no singing ability. Interesting note, recently I have discovered that the train workers I deal with, have been using the computer in our business center to look up pornography. Wow thats all I can say. I m not all that horrified that they look at porn but what type of porn they look at. Once again Wow. A final work related note I told my boss that I had to quit on the 20th and several days later I found out thatI will being replaced, by 3 people. THey are hiring three people to take over all the things I do at night, that made me feel a little important or at least productive . Pat attributed this to my not being stupid and that being a hard quality to find. Right now I really need a haircut and a shave. I will shave later tonight but the haircut will have to wait til my next day off. I pretty much have all my money that I will earn from work spent already. Between gas, insurance, some new clothes my loft and maybe a giant bean bag I am left at where I started. But at the very least this is money that hasnt come out of my checking account. I am torn on whether or not to buy a giant bean bag for the dorm. This thing is huge 84x60x40 and soft, I havent decided yet. Maybe after Pat finishes coming up with our room design because he is the architect. In some ways I am really looking forward to going back to school and in other ways I feel very conflicted. I wont say much more than that. But that really seems to fit with what has been going on inside my head and my heart all summer. Well I will shut up about that because I think it will only bore and upset many of you. I am pretty excited to see everyone and hangout and such. VEry much looking forward to playing some dotas ,I return as the 2nd ranked player, I would have been 3rd but Jack quit playing at the end of the year. Rankings and such aside I am looking forward to justhanging out and such with everyone again, because hey everything is better when you add the vanilla gorilla;)
Survey Question: Is eveything better when you add the Vanilla Gorilla?
A. Yes
b. No

Friday, July 22, 2005

Because I cant sleep.....

hey everyone.So as the title would indicate I am blogging because I cant sleep. Normally I have problems sleeping anyways but these staggered days off from work really make it worse. Each week I have 2 days off,normal enough right?But the thing is that there are almost never back to back its usually like a tuesday and a thursday or a monday and a friday, last week they were back to back which was nice. Like I said I would almost rather not have days off, I honestly wouldnt mind working 7 days a week and having no time off til I went back to school, especially since the days I do have off I usually get home at 8- 8 30 in the morning and (depending on how fast I drive) usually wake up around 6-7 pm. I m not complaining I like my job and I am grateful that somebody finally hired me after along and fruitless job search, just that the hours and the days off are kinda funky. I just wishi could sleep right now, I been trying to fall asleep since 6 am and I havent been able to. Not being able to sleep is kinda frustrating but I am used to struggling to falling alseep these days. Ya know whats kinda weird, the harder you try not to think about something the more you end up thinking about it. It's like fighting a battle that you cant win. The mind works in such twisted and funny ways( well maybe just mine). What is even worse is dreams, you have no control over your dreams , what they are , how often they occur or how they make you feel. I got an email about being the hottie thing today, I had forgotten I signed up for that. Its prolly gonna suck without the Albino Rhino there he and I did all the heavy lifting last year, and I think he forgot to sign up this year and I dont know any other strong males who will be there to help me, Wait Chris might be there So I might have some help, but no offense Chris I dont think your quite as strong as Pat, but your still a good guy and a friend.I wonder if I create a rhino signal and put Krispy Kremes, coffee, fried chicken, and pie near it if pat would come. Does anyone know where I can get a 50000 watt light bulb, a power source for it and a carving in the shape of a rhino to put over it? Jon I am looking at you for this one your asian mafia contacts have to have access to some of that jk Iget my first real pay check at work tonight, that will be nice I will use some of it to write a check to get a loft for this year, I had frgotten to do that until several days ago when I was rummaging through my paperwork at home. Wait I just had an idea to solve the moving in problem we will have Jimmy ask some teamsters to help move us in, nownormally teamsters are lazy sobs and dont do much for anyone but for Jimmy they would move us in and unpack our stuff and probably buy us lunch too, furthur proving Jimmy is the coolest man alive. Jimmy for President!!! Please forgive the incoherent and bouncy nature of this post i have not slept in many hours and I think my typing ability are significantly lower than they normally are(not that they were all that high to ebgin with). I also got my finnacial Aid stuff taken care of today I m getting a little more than last year I lost my pell grant though because I amdoing an Academic partnership through the u of m with Dr. Greg Thorson, I was honored that heasked me to do it. Yes thats right I will being doing research and writing a paper with a professor I am actually a pretty bright guy. Not that you would know from reading my blog or talking to me in person. I dont haveto much else to say at the moment. On a personal note I am kind of having/ been having an identity crisis the last few months but I have really noticed it the past few weeks. I guess I am justhaving trouble deciding what makes me.... me, ya know. Ya know the qualities and or traits that set me apart from other people or how I would be described to a person by someone. I dunno if that makes sense to anyone or not. Feel free to comment on one or all parts of this entry. Anywayz much love to you all and I hope you are all doing well. I am sure I will see you all as soon as school starts again.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Invicible Wheel!!!!

Ok I promise thats the last time I make an invicible wheel reference for awhile. So not much is new in my life. Tuesday was one of my days off and I didn't really do much with it. I'd almost rather work seven days a week than have any days off,simply because I don't do anything with my days off. I thought about getting a 2nd job, but working over nights and commuting 3 hours a day really makes it impossible for me to get another job. Oh well, I really dont care either way. I would say that is my general attitude towards alot of things right now. I simply stopped caring. Anywayz back to my day off. All I did today was get a few extra hours of sleep and eat some extra food. Nothing of critical importance. I talked to Pat very briefly tonight he rejected my idea of using the invincible wheel technique to defeat the frost giants. We both had trouble staying connected. I hate dial up!!!!! That coupled with Msn being fucked up for awhile made having a conversation quite difficult. He did celebrate my returning once, usually my returning to somewhere inhabited by people results in 911 calls to the police, hundreds of lawsuits, not to mention mothers shielding their childrens eyes from the horrible sight.Sigh. These last couple months I have become a much more reflective person. The last few days are no exception. I miss a lot of stuff. I miss being at aschool, I miss hanging out with my friends, I miss being around people. There are a lot of other things I miss but I really dont feel like sharing what those things are. I ll just say that I miss alot of the things in life that I once had. Will be interesting going back to school and quickly trying to adjust to sleeping at night again. Especially since I have a 9 o clock class on MWF. Oh well I ll do what I have to, I always seem to get by somehow. On a different note I thought I would incorporate music into my blog. Here is a list of songs that I really like alot right now and that people should check out.
The Click Five- Just the Girl
Embrace- Ashes
Gavin Degraw- Chariot
Relient K- Be My Escape
American Hi Fi- Geeks Get the Girls
Gorillaz- Feel Good Inc
50 cent- Lil Bit
Fat Joe- Get it Poppin
Bama- Sweet Home Alabama( this is a rap remix)
Jason Mraz- Word Play
Akon- Lonely
Emerson Drive- Last one Standing
Theory of a Dead man- Aint no Suprise
Trick Daddy- Sugar
Ludacris- Pimpin All over the World
My chemical Romance- Helena
Virgil- Amnesia
Lifehouse- You and Me
Toto- I'll be over you
Most of these are fairly new songs but some are a bit older. Jsut thought I d try something new. Anywayz I am going to bed. I work today and then I have thursday off Then I work Friday and Saturday. I am looking forward to my first full paycheck this friday. My last one was just for my first two days of work. I still have no I dea what to spend it on, I ll prolly end just putting it in my checking account and letting it sit there til I need/ wanna use it. Oh well back to my jungle and my lonely gorilla existence. Peace and love to y'all.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

My Boring Life......

Hey everyone. Not much is new. Last night I added another job to the long list of things I am responsible for, enter Jake the dance floor repair man. What was especially interesting was Kevin( one of our weekend security guards) and I were attempting to repair the dance floor while people were still dancing on it, not because we wanted to but because the dj refused to clear the floor at first, thankfully after a few minutes of trying to fix it with people on it Kevin threatended to throw the dj out if he didnt clear the floor and allow us to make the needed reapirs. Moving those pieces around was hard work they weigh several hundred punds each and are usually groupd in 3 or 4 pieces resulting in a total weight of about 600 to 700 lbs, But me being the superior male specimen I am(ha!)we were able to move it. It was an awful lot of work for two people to complete in a short amount of time, but we managed to get it done. The rest of the night was fairly uneventful. We had several weddings last night, weddings make me sad:(sigh

Saturday, July 16, 2005

My blog shall continue...

Hey everyone. So I guess a lot of people want me to keep this going,So I guess I will. However I think I will keep it very limited and try to keep it dedicated to simply updating people on the events transpiring in my life.Maybe I ll throw in an occasional thought or two about something. I will do my best to not talk about my emotions and feelings,since those dont seem like really popular parts of my blog. I aplolgize if these make their way into my blog then I'm really sorry. I havent really done much with my two days off. I tried to sleep but that really didnt turn out that well( I still struggle sleeping). I did manage to shave last night because my beard was getting pretty long and i really didnt have anything better to do. I decided aginst getting a cell phone. This decision was based on several factors. First of all, I just really dont like cell phones. Second, if you have a cell phone and carryit around with you then you can be reached at all times. Finally. I honestly can't think of many people who I need to call or who need to get ahold of me, so why waste a bunch of money every month just to have the damn thing. So for now I will just save the money and use it when the time is appopriate. I am sure a certain portion will go to buying Pat and I pizza and various other forms of deliciousness, like culvers mmmmmmm culvers. Feel free to drop me a comment.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


I have decided that it might be best to shut my blog down. I never meant to hurt offend, criticize or insult anyone who read it. Please accept my heartfelt apology if I did any of these things to you. I originally set up this blog to be a prviate thing so I had a way of expressing and documenting my thoughts with out further burdening my family and friends, I never really intended to make it public but thats what it ended up being, well it now seems clear to me that I was merely doing the same thing just in a different forum, for that I deeply and truly sorry. If anyone really needs to contact me you should have my email. Much love goes out to all you guys and girls out there. I love you all and once again I am truly sorry. I hope you dont mind if I occasionally drop a comment on your blogs. I hope everyone has a great summer and is doing well. I hope to see al of you in a few months, except Ross who will be in north dakota, but still much love Ross.

-Jacob Anderson

Killing Time Before Bed.....

Hey again Vanilla Gorilla fans. So right now I am trying to kill a little time by writing in my blog before going to bed. I just got done working seven days straight and it will be nice to have thursday and friday off before returning to work on saturday, however saturday bears the evil of karokee(shudders) I like my job but I have learned that Unionized train workers are the big fucking babies on earth, normally I dont like to swear but these mofos warrant the foul language. If there is an imperfection with a room they will find it and complain about it. Of course being employees the staff has to just take it and try and be polite. And complaining o them would do no good because they simply would go to there union rep who woultd in turn bitch to someone else and so on and so forth til the hotel was getting complained at. THis is why I hate unions, they started out as really good things and have devolved into horrible organizations. Its great to be in one, but shitty to have to work with one. Normal customers are fine, I havent really had any problems with real cusomers, except for the whole naked mexican thing to which the police had to become involved in. Make sure to have me tell that story in operson its great. I will admit I really dont like dealing with all the drunks that spill into the lobby from the bar and the comedy club, especially on weekends, but since night secuirty is my responsibility I kinda have too. My coworker Bruce(the night auditor) said something that I swear sounded like something Pat would say. Bruce"Jake know what I need" Jake " Whats that BRuce", Bruce" 3 circus midgets and some whip cream" Jake " HUH?", Bruce" Yeah, I could Have sex with the three midgets" Jake" why?" Bruce " why not its better than working here god damn it!" Jake " whats the whip cream for?", Bruce" in case I get hungry I want a snack ready, and I like whip cream." I thought that was hilarious.Hmmmmm what else to talk about. I think on friday I will go in and purchase a cell phone thus completing my path to the dark side.I really should stop saying I wont get or do things because I usually end up getting or doing them. For instance, blog, cell phone, goingplaces and doing things if people bother me enough or bribe me with food, lol I am unsure why anyone wants me to come along bad enough to bribe me with food but they do, I guess the saying is true everything is better with the Vanilla Gorilla, lol I wish!!! One thing I found interesting the other day was while I was having a conversationg with my dad he said I was the most private person he ever met, not meant as an insult simply an observation, really got me thinking and i guess I kinda am, I mean I really don't open up that much to many people andI tend to keep alot about myself hidden, and I try hard not to show to much emotion in front of people and I hate asking anyone to help me, I mean usually most people get to see 3 or 4 emotions out of me period. Feel free to weigh in on this topic is Jake a very private/ secretive person or isnt he. On the next Geraldo, wait Geraldo sucks, I really wish someone would have shot him while he was in Iraq, whats a good talk show, Dr. Phil, well hes alot cooler than Geraldo.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Hello again vanilla gorilla fans. This week our hero has a few new life updates and things to say. So I have learned that I really like my job, except on fridays and saturdays. This is due to the fact that our hotel has a bar, a restaraunt and a comedy club. I should rephrase that, I can handle the regular drunks that we have all other days of the week, but friday and saturday have a special torture, karokee(sp?) this evil transpires from 9 30 to 1 30 on fri and sat nights, so during the first two and a half hours of my shift I get to hear the shrieking shrill voices of drunk people who think they can sing, then attempting to deal with them as they exit the hotel, since the bar is like 75 feet from the front desk and completely visble from where I and my front desk cohorts work. Also we usually have one or more weddings taking place on friday and saturday since we have fairly nice facilities to hold a reception in. I dont mind the weddings so much, makes me kinda sad cuz I get to thinking about what my own wedding would have been like this summer, which several of you who read this would have been involved in, you know who you are. That is slightly depressing to think about and makes me kinda sad:( Oh well most times the weddings end up spilling out of the reception area and into the bar front lobby, pool and everywhere else. I have several interesting stories about this that I will share with you all at later times. Needless to say this results in a lot of drunk people wandering around our hotel, and since another one of my jobs is night security I deal with most of them, nobody has tried to get physical with me, prolly cuz im a bad mama jamma to start with but against a drunk guy, not even close. Plus I m a big mofo, what can I say its good to be the vanilla gorilla sometimes. Still unsure what I will do with my first full paycheck, I ll prolly end up getting a cell phone despite my hatred of them, although I swore I d never have a blogger either so things can change.The other night we had an unidentified naked mexican wandering the hotel, reports can not confirm or deny whether or not this was noe. Teams of scientists are working around the clock examining forensic evidence to make this determinattion. haha jk Noe, Work consumes most of my time now between sleeping commuting eating and getting ready for work and working takes up like 95 percent of my day, but its ok I really dont have anything better to do being as all my friends(you guys and girls) live at various places that are not near me. Personally I am doing ok, watching the weddings kinda bums me out but I try to keep it to a minimum and put on a good face, I really work hard to fight the depression that tries to creep in, its hard but I am trying and fighting it. Right now thats about all I can do. It's hard to deal with, it really is. But I am really trying to just live, accept the way things are and try to find comfort and hhappiness in what I do have and will have in the future. I do always succeed in doing this, But I think trying is just as important. It's hard to lose what I did and ever get over it, I dont know if I ever will but I hope someday I will make my piece with it and move on, it just takes time.I still love and miss Meghan, but like I said I m slowly learning to deal with it. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their summer.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Another Post...

Hey vanilla gorilla fans. My posting frequency has increased since I got a job, I think it is becuase my life is a little more interesting now that I have a job. First of all, I really dont mind my job at all. Yeah working 11pm to 7am most nights is kinda weird but all the best stuff happens at night. Because it is when people come to the front desk with the weirdest questions, requests, and problems. I have only been on the job 3 days but I already ahve several good stories that I will behappy to share in person. I suppose I should explain what I actually do. I am pretty much the night front desk clerk/ assistant manager, everyone on night shift answers to me except the manager, Tina(my manager is really cool and she likes me alot, prolly because I work hard, I dont mess up and shit gets taken care of when I'm in charge. My primary duty at night is managing the multi million dollar contract with a train compnay, basically overseeing everything related to the train workers and their needs, everything from checking them in and out, to billing the company, to arranging rides to and from the train yard and everything in between. I also deal with regular guests but after 11pm there are very few people checking in and out or requesting things from the front desk. I do alot of other stuff too but its failry boring, making keys, telling housekeeping what to do and that sort of stuff. My streak of not being pulled over came to an end the other day when I was driving home. I was pulled over in Fergus doing 45 in a 30, so I was legitmately speeding. Using the old vanilla gorilla mind trick I convinced the officer into only giving me a warning. Actually I was just polite and honest and he said like I seemed like a nice kid and would let me off with just a warning. I havent decided what I intend to spend my money on yet, I have considered getting a cell phone, but there are not that many people that realy need to get ahold of me so I relly dont know if it is worth it. I already have a car and paid off the insurance for quite awhile. I also have a new computer so i dont need that either. I am willing to bet that Pat would suggest buying more and larger tv's for our room. But I think 3 in the room will be plenty(sorry to my brotha from anotha motha). Emotionally I am back on a more even keel and I really dont know how I feel about alot of stuff right now. I just try to take it day by day and get though things best I can. Obviously certain things are harder to deal with than others, but I am trying, even though it gets pretty difficult sometimes. The only thing I know is I'm not gonna give up on myself and what I want out of life.

Saturday, July 02, 2005


hello everyone. I thought I would give you all some updates about what is going on in my life since it has been awhile. First and foremost I have a job now. I work at the days inn hotel and conference center in Moorhead, the commute kinda sucks but its the only full time job I have been offered this summer. I work the grave shift which is 11pm to 7 am, once and awhile I will be working the swing shift which is 3pm to 11pm. It will take a little while to get used to the hours, but as a person who usually staysup til 4 or 5 am it really isnt a huge adjustment. I like the job so far and my boss likes me alot already, mostly because I am an extremely quick learner and it makes her job a lot easier. The nice part is there are like 10 people that I can tell what to do, thats kinda cool but I dont wanna be one of those people who has a litle authority and turns into a complete asshole, I realize I work at a hotel and bossing some of the staff around really isnt that big of deal.I make a good wage and the job wont be to bad, I will post more later on what I do and stuff like that. I am glad I got the job, but it doesnt make me as happy as I thought it would. The only downside is I have to be kinda dressed up because I work at the front desk, and those of you who know me know that I am a really casual dresser(I dress like a jock as pat would say, he is quite accurate). I dont really mind but its different.I guess it will be nice to have money not that I have anything to spend it on. On a sadder note, my friend Nick will be heading down to Florida in a few days and will pretty much be gone the rest of the summer, with a few one week stints of returning home briefly to give reports at the place where heworks then retunring to supervise in Florida, he will be making alot of money and I am sure he will have a good time while he is there. I am sad though cuz Nick is the only friend I have back home that I can hang out with. I have only really gone out 4 times this summer(how sad is that) and 3 were with Nick, the other one was with Josh when he was home on leave. Oh well, I kinda knew when I came home this summer that most of it would be spent by myself, I accept that is what has to happen and I have grown used to it over the last couple months.To be honest I have been really down lately, every time I look in mirror I dont like what I see, I m not half the man I used to be( sometimes Idont know whether I even deserve to call myself a man anymore at all). When I look in the mirror I see a guy who will prolly end up doing well career wise and make alot of money but will end up old fat ugly alone and miserable(I think I might be several of these already), so in other words I will be a truely great republican!Jokes aside, that thought really worries me, but I also fear that it may be the future and that what I am feeling now is just a prelude to the rest of my life. I wish I could be the man I once was for he was far greater than I in every way. I hope everyone is enjoying there summer and doing ok. I fought you for so long, I should have just let you win, Oh how we regret those things we do.(bonus points if you know the song and the band who sings it)