Saturday, November 26, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving...

Hey Gorilla Groupies, I realize today is not Thanksgiving but since I wasnt able to blog on turkey day I thought I would say it now. So much to talk about since last time I blogged, where to start ok here goes. We lost the football game to Spooner 19-7,however at the end of the game we were really playing well and had our stuff together and of course spooner wanted toquit causing the 2ndhalf tobe much shorter then the first, also we were screwed out of an interception in the firsthalf that would have made a big difference, complaints aside we played really well and I was very proud of everyone. I scored the one touchdown we had, so that was cool. However on the 8th play of the game,on a really bad throw I popped my shoulder out of socket, since I didnt have an easyway to get it back in right away I had to wait til after the game to pop back in, but I played anywayz no way that was gonna keep me from playing. More recently I left a big paper to do til the last minute and ended up workingonit three days before it was due, definitely not my best paper ever but we will see how it turns out.Took another midterm on Monday in my history class so I am anxiously waiting the results from that as well. The other night Pat and I had a mock UFC match in the hallway it wasnt really going anywhere and we pretty much fought to a draw then pat ran into a wall when i ducked one of his attempts to grab me,it looked like it hurt quite a lot.I felt bad, but it turned out he was ok ,just sightly dazed for a minute. Thanksgiving was nice, it was good to see my family and spend a little time with them. NowImust admit this year I am not thankful for much, because frankly this year hasnt given me anything to bet hankful for. However I am thnakful for one thing, I get to spend every day of the year with my family. Cuz even though only 5 months of it is with my biological family, I get to spend the rest with most of the people that read this and you guys are family and I love ya. Thats the one thing I am thankful for. Still have a lot onmy mind, this time oif the year always makes it worse but I will muddle through it, just hard sometimes very hard. The big push lately is for me to join facebook, not sure where I stand on the issue, more than a few ppl want me to join but we shall see, maybe in the future. Anywayz I love you guys and I hope this finds you all well, take care, have fun and remember most things are better when u add the Vanilla Gorilla.

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

About 3.50.....

Hey Gorilla Groupies. I finally got my last mid term back, the result a 95... sometimes it is better to be lucky than good. Also on a high note I got a 95 on my disputationes in the same class. I am quite relieved I got two satisfactory grades on these two things since they are both big chunks of my grade in that class... but like I said its prolly just luck. I am some what relieved now that I got all midterms back and they were all satisfactory, however now that those are done the papers will start and I have 2 big ones before the end of the year, a 12 to 20 for Thorson and a 6 page book review and analysis for Bill, oh well I will just hope for a positive outcome on these two papers. Work on the music video will also begin shortly and that is sure to be hillarious when we finish I will try and post the video or a link to it, I promise it should be worth watching cuz everything is better when you add the vanilla gorilla(lol omg yeah right). I must admit I find my mind wandering alot lately thinking about the past, the future, etc. I wont go in to detials but it occupies alot of my thoughts these days. I am going home on friday to change my oil and visit my parents, it will be nice to see them I know they wish I would come home more often. I know they worry about me alot so I hope to try to relieve some of that by visiting, talking,and projecting the image that I'm okay, I think they worry because for a long time I wasnt ok and they had to but I dont want them to worry about me or anyone close to me for that matter, whether I am okay or not is irrelevant I just dont want the people I care about to waste their time thinking and worrying about me. The truth is things would be pretty much the same if I had left town and life would have continued on as normal because everyone who reads this is a strong, wonderful,intelligent, emotionally stable person who really is fine on their own for the most part.Sorry folks that might have been me getting a little personal there but hey its my blog and I think I'm entitled to it every now and then. Anywayz I hope all my groupies are doing well and remember the gorilla loves you guys and gals.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


To all my freaks out there the Gorilla's in house so holla. I know I am the whitest guy ever but I'm ok with that. Not much is new since the last time I posted. My midterms have come and gone and the result was fairly good, the 3 I have gotten back so far have all been A's, I am still waiting on the fourth one. I am fairly disappointed that two of them were kinda low A's but an A is an A I guess, I guess thats just the perfectionist in me shining through. I am fairly frustrated with life these days, some times I just wanna lose it and get away from it all and just quit, but I know I have to stick it out because I m kinda stuck in the current situation. My major frustration is that I try to hold myself to very high standards of success and maintain a strong system of values, however most of the rest of the world doesnt. Maybe my cherished ideals of honor, fairness, and honesty are outdated, but I still believe in them no matter how difficult it is. There are a lot of other things I wish I could talk about but I cant so I'll just say that I have alot of things on my mind. Halloween was ok, I went as a pimp and later as a pimp bandito. I didnt put much effort in to the costume but we went to rocky horror as a group of banditos each with his own theme. The football game against spooner will finally happen this upcoming weekend, no matter who either side has present, yours truly is still quarterbacking so wish us luck. I registered for classes next semester and I am taking Con Law(with Thorson of course), modern political thought(with Bill Hunt), Medieval Europe(with Jennifer Deane), and Norse Saga(with Janet Erickson) so it should be an okay semester. Also did my disputatio today and that didnt go nearly as well as I hoped,I was ready to be challenege and put to the test instead I just came out and dominated the entire thing leaving no one unsure of who won, but it was entirely to easy, oh well I guess. Personally I think victory is more satisfying when you have to earn it against quality opponents not the ones from the bottom of the barrell. Other than that I dont have much to say. I would like to leave you all with a piece of advice that helps to get me by, as long as you can look at youself in the mirror and say this is honestly who I am and I m ok with what I m doing than nothing else matters, you do that and listen to your heart and the rest is easy. Anywayz thats all I got, as usual comments are welcome and the gorilla sends his love out to all his readers.

P.S. Bonus points if you can name the movie my title is from and the character who said it.