Sunday, August 13, 2006

So yeah.....

Hey everyone. So I suck at updating this thing. I think my lack of updating is due in large part to the fact that nothing exciting is happening in my life. During the day I just kinda hang out and at nights wow keeps me busy. Other than that I m really really boring. Still trying to get certain things resolved before school starts however I m not sure that will be possible. I am looking forward to goingback to school and seeing all my friends again and hangingout. Also looking forward to living with Pat, Alex, and Chris. Make sure you stop by the apartment and visit. Really should start doing lsat stuff sometime soon....oh well. Lots on my mind these days but then again thats nothing new. Sometimes I would just like to let a lot of it out...alas some things just arent possible. Some day things will make sense again and I will be as happy as I once was. Anyways before I say to much I'm gonna go. Remember I Love all of ya very much. Peace and much love.


P.S. This is post number 100 for me. Thank you to all of those who continue to read the story that is my life and tolerate the content with in.