Friday, December 15, 2006

Approaching the End...

Hello everyone. As the title of the post indicates the semester is almost over. Luckily I only have two finals this semester which are both on Monday but they are both rather long comprehensive finals, oh well. Unfortunately, I do have a list of things to do over x-mas break which include getting a haircut(my hair is uncharacteristically long at the moment and looks rather doofy), working on a personal statement for law school(maybe), finishing and polishing my senior sem(god I hate this)and seeing a select few people over break. The whole senior sem thing really bothers me. They try to sell it as this large team effort that you need to do well on because it's the so called "capstone" of your college career and makes your degree more valuable somehow. First, if it is the so called "capstone" of my college career why is this requirement no more then 2 years old? Second, I don't believe my degree will be worth more or less based on the quality of 8 senior sems. Third, I honestly don't care how anyone else does on theirs I'm not getting graded based on their projects. To make the situation even worse we are forced to attend every other person's senior seminar from the poli sci division or it will negatively impact your final grade. Fuck that noise! I try to refrain from swearing on here but that deserves it. We even have to show up on days where no one from our class is presenting. Honestly the whole senior seminar thing for poli sci hasn't been well thought out or well implemented at all and needs some serious work to be valuable at all. Granted there is nothing I can do about it and I will do what is required of me but it doesn't mean I have to like it or be positive about it. The funny thing is according to Paula(prof who runs this god awful class)I write beautifully,only one term can describe that phrase omglmaowtfroflcoptercyclebbq. My buddy Josh will be home shortly over break so it will be good to see him. I'll prolly only spend a few days at home and most of the rest in Morris. I will most likely spend quite a few hours playing wow and doing other things to waste time instead of real work. Sigh, the real work has to get done though to so I can graduate and leave this place behind me. Getting the lsat back should be an interesting experience and hopefully my score will be good. I won't be telling people my score unless I'm happy with it, so if I have to retake the thing don't count on me telling you my score. Please don't try to give me some schpeal about being my friend and wanting to know cuz you care. Needless to say that will be a major source of anxiety and stress til I actually get it. I do apologize if my posts seem a bit down lately. Right now is quite a difficult time for me for a number of reasons but I'll drudge through it like I always do. Anyways I wanna wish you all a happy and safe holiday season I hope you are able to spend it with people you care about and who care about you enjoy yourselves but be smart and safe. Peace and much love.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

If strength was borne from heartache, then mountains I could move..

Hey everyone. So basically I am writing because I am bored and I don't wanna work on my rough draft of my senior sem which is due on wed and I haven't started it yet. I've grown quite apathetic this year and really just want the school year to end so I can move on to the next chapter of my life. However, I'm not exactly sure what the next chapter of my life is supposed to be at this point. As fas as I can tell I'm going to go to law school somewhere and try to put myself back together as best I can. Where and how I plan on doing this are still under much debate. There is a large part of me that simply wants to leave Minnesota and attempt to start somewhere new, I mean I would certainly miss all my friends and such but being on my own really doesn't bother me and an area where no one knows anything about me is something that has a strong appeal to me. I guess a large part of my decision will be based on the actual lsat score I get. This will be a large source of anxiety for me for the next month. Everyone seems to react oddly when I say things like I wanna go somewhere where nobody knows who I am. I guess I'm just a really solitary person. Or maybe I just wanna do it on my own without any type of major assistance. I mean I like having people around a fair bit of the time but there is also a great deal of time that I would prefer to be alone. Also, I love my friends but if live near any of them I know they will attempt to drag me out with them. Which in reality is just a waste of time by both parties. First of all, I'm not a fan of parties or bars and the events that transpire at them. Second, the last thing I wanna do is ruin what could potentially be fun for other people by suffering through whatever I m talked into going to. Third, it just isn't fun for me. I never get the whole going out is good for you schpeal. I mean I realize the consequences of my choices and I am willing to deal with those. It's not even like the consequences are that bad so I end up spending some time alone doing something I enjoy, god forbid that should happen. Honestly, it's not like I'm addicted to crack or anything. I'm hoping law school will provide some positive change for me, a change that I have needed for quite awhile. I hate to admit it but my bitter old grand father correctly described life as one unpleasant change after another shortly before he died. This phrase pretty much encompasses the last two years of my life. I just really need something good to happen. In other news I will be T.A. ing for a history class next semester. I don't know how I keep getting offered these positions, obviously the profs don't know me very well:) Professor Shorb who offered me the job said he was impressed by my maturity(lol wtf), acamdemic ability(ha!), and classroom presence(wtf does this even mean?). I think the UMM faculty seriously over rates my abilities,however it gets me paid so their bad. I do wanna thank everyone who called,messaged, or personally spoke to me about the lsat and inquired about how it went and/or wished me luck on it. All of your kind words are appreciated and I hope that I was able to live up to my own expectations and make all of you proud as well. Anywayz that's all I got for now so remember I love everyone of ya and happy and safe holidays to all of you. Peace and much love.


Saturday, December 02, 2006


The LSAT is done I will tell you how it went when I get my score back. I hope I did ok.