Monday, January 30, 2006

A Good Weekend...

Hey gorilla groupies. So this was actually a pretty good weekend. We went to the cities on Saturday and went to Mall of America and hung out for a few hours. Then we ate at Famous Dave's, which was delicious, I ordered the biggest thing on the menu and did finish it, there was actually a betting pool as to whether or not I would finish it, and by betting pool I mean everyone throwing in their spare change and whatever else was in their pockets. Then we went to Brad's band's show at the Manhattan loft, the only bitch part was getting there, the car full of girls and Brad's other friends are both kind of stupid. Despite that we managed to get there, the band that opened for Brad's was terrible, I mean absolutely awful. I respect anyone and gets on stage and performs cuz god knows it wasnt easy but this was the worst band ever!!! The lead singer looked like he was having seizures while singing, the lyrics were completely impossible to hear and everyone in the band generally sucked. Also the lead singer started insulting the crowd when we started booing him and his shitty band and then we he tried to mosh with a friend in front he tripped himself with the microphone cord. My summarization Chuck Norris says that band fails at life. Brad's band was really good, very very entertaining. His lead singer isnt super awesome, but BRad made the show worth going to, he was fantastic. Then we stayed at Dana's house, had breakfast the next morning and left. Dana's parents were very hospitable. Got back today and did alot of homework, was trying to get done up through tuesday but I fell short, oh well I tried. I dont know why I care so much about things, people, classes, just life in general. Sometimes I think I care to much. Oh well, I guess that's just who I am despite how annoying it is to me sometimes. Anywayz , back to the grind its gonna be a busy week. Hoping eventually I can finish getting alot of things sorted out inmy head, especially since alot of these issues are kinda old, sigh so many memories. This time of the year just isnt easy for me, Kinda hard to be with the last two Januaries I ve had. Anywayz I ll leave and stop talking before I reveal anything too personal aboutmyself. Remember guys and dolls the gorilla loves you, I hope everyone is doing well. Peace and Much Love.

P.S. for those interested there are lots of new pics of me on facebook, shakes head, several of my friends were taking lots of them.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sometimes I Suck at Life....

Hey everyone. I have been thinking a lot lately, well more so then usual. Right now I am struggling with severeal things. The one that is giving me the most problems is how does one lead a truthful,loyal, honorable life in this world that we live in. I am constantly reminded of how hard this is, especially in a world that is dishonest, disloyal, and dishonorable filled with people who are the same way. That or maybe my perceptions of life are wrong and I am trying to lead the wrong kind of life, people who lead the other kind of liestyle seem to do better on the whole then I do. Maybe I mjust frustrated with where my life is. I dunno. Or maybe its the fact that over the last year and a half so many of my perceptions, beliefs, and thoughts all turned out to be lies. I guess its just hard to look back on things you thought were true and finding out you were wrong. Especially perceptions of yourself or your own abilities, no one ever tells you that you were better than you thought you were or your perceptions were pretty close, instead its how wrong and terrible you were. At least thats my situation and has been for awhile. Sorry if this post is kinda down but I m not in a great mood and I m quite frustrated. The other option is that I simply suck as a person and at life in general, this too is a very possible solution. My advice to people is dont ask questions you dont really wanna know most of the answers, I cant do this because I crave honesty and truth and answers. But I am definitely beginning to think that ignorance is bliss, you cant be upset about things you dont know. I guess I will just keep trying to lead a good honest and loyal life despite the difficulties that type of life presents, cuz no one ever said the right thing is easy. Oh well I hope all my boys and girls are doing well out there is the big wide world, remember I love ya ll and take care. Peace

P.S. Feel free to tell me if in fact I do suck at life or as a person.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

And then there are those times that life sucks....

Hey everyone. Sorry its been awhile since my last post but I've had a lot going on. I m back at school now and into the 2nd week of classes, Classes seem ok and I ve got profs I like so it shouldn't be too bad. My schedule is a little weird this semester mwf I have medieval europe from 9 15 -10 20 then Modern political thought from 1-2 05 quite a nice little break, needless to say I have been using it as naptime. Then on TTH I have norse saga from 8- 9 40 and con law from 12 -1 40, again the space between classes is used as naptime. Those of you who know me really well know me taking an 8 am is especially odd but I wanted to so oh well. The most recent news is that I broke up with Susy. I have to admit I feel really awful about it, but I thought that it was best for a lot of reasons. Still I hate hurting people I care about who are close to me and I feel like a complete ass for doing it, but I think it was the right decision. I did the best I could to make it gentle and nice but thats hard to do in a break up. I hope I stop feeling so horrible eventually, but maybe I kinda deserve it. I guess January just isnt a good month for me and relationships. Its always kinda hard todeal with those memories and what happened, sigh. I think most of your guys know what I m referring to. In other news Pat, Brad, and I haveformed a workout coalition in an attempt to get back in shape, honestly we could all use it I just hope we make it a long term habit so we do get back into shape. Also, this weekend we will be going to the twin cities to see brad's band play so that should be a good time, maybeit will help take my mind off of things if only for a short while. Anywayz thats all I got for now, I love all you guys and girls and I hope this finds you well.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I'm Bored.....

Hey gorlla groupies. Ya know it's weird I complain about not having time to post but when I have almost a month of x mas break I only post like 2 or 3 times. I think it's because I dont really have anything interesting to talk about, not that it ever stopped me from posting before. Well lets see whats new... first and foremost I got my car stereo squared away and its working perfectly again so I finally have music in my car again extremely loud music:) I have been playing alot of world of warcraft lately like 2-4 hours a night, I'd play more but I cant handle that much dial up and I need to limit myself cuz when I go back to school I wont have as much time for it, but right now I m at lvl 46 and I can still lvl up at a pretty decent rate. Other than that I havent been doing much of anything, I really am ready to go back to school and see all my friends again. I spend a lot of time sitting around at night thinking and listening to music and trying to figure things out. I always seem to have a lot on my mind, I dont know why that is, just the way I am I guess. Anywayz peace and love to all my groupies and I m looking forward to seeing everyone again.