Monday, March 27, 2006

Some things you never forget...

Hey gorilla groupies. So whats new in the life of the Vanilla Gorilla? Well got my tests from last friday back.I got an A on the history test and a B+ on Bill's test,tried to talk him up 1more point but he wouldnt budge. Then On Tuesday took a test in Thorson's class so we will see how that turns out when he gets them back to us.I usually do ok on his tests but I never know til I get them back so we will see how it went. I decided to live with Pat, Alex, and Chris in an on campus apartment next year. Thats the current decision, of course that could change if I decide to leave which is still a possibility, I admit it seems kind of silly to transfer somewhere after putting in 3 years at Morris but I have my reasons. In all likelihood I will end up coming back to Morris next year and suffer through it and get it done. Then hopefully law school will take me far far away to a top tier law school, at least I hope. Unfortunately one can never outrun their past or their memories. Its been quite awhile now and I still can't get you out of my head or my heart. Sigh. Sorry about that folks but I been doing a lot of thinking lately and well I have a lot on my mind. Anwayz I ll shutup about that because I m sure you all have problems of your own to deal with. Anywayz I should go to sleep so I can get up and go to my history class which I ve skipped to manytimes this semester, also I need to register at 9am. Remember all the gorilla loves all of ya. Peace and much love.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Is Mr. Sanders there? THE COLONEL??

hey gorilla groupies. Sorry I m not posting as regularly as I should be but I simplay lack the motivation to post these days especially during this time of year. Break was pretty boring didnt do a whole lot. When I got back I got all my tests and papers back. Got an A on my Norse test and an A on my Hunt paper, but I got a C on my historical document analysis. I dunno why I m doing so poorly lately, needless to say I m quite upset with myself and my poor performance. Took two tests on friday so we will see how those turned out, hopefully well, I need to start doing a lot better.Friday night we did the Brad Coloumbe video scavenger hunt challenge we won 1430 to 730. Some of the challenges I did were having a broomstick broken on my back, attempting to have a beer bottle broken over my head,, get clotheslined, get slapped, get punched in the throat, get pushed in a shopping cart into a snowbank, and sweet talking people into doing things for us, I m sure there are some other things I forget to mention but I m still sort of recovering. Yesterday went and saw V for Vendetta, if you get a chance go see it, its a great movie. This time of year 2 years ago something very signifcant happened, le sigh. So many times I long for the past and realize how happy I was back then, I miss being happy. I ve started noticing alot lately that I can be really depressing to be around, for that I am very sorry I do appreicate my friends toleration of that. Anywayz I ll shut up before I devulge anything important or too emotional. Remember everyone the gorilla loves all of ya and you can always count on him for anything you need. Peace and much love everyone.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Hey gorilla groupies, once again it is I the Vanilla Gorilla. Well these last several weeks have been sort of interesting(an obvious lie but keep reading anywayz). The week before we left for break I got my norse saga paper back... a C+...ouch. That certainly hurt my feelings, I m not used to getting grades that low..., it's a definite shot to my ego, especially since grades are a major part of how I define myself. It also doesnt help in the crusade for maxing out my gpa before graduating as it stands if I get A's the rest of the way I ll end up with a 3.89, so even if I end perfectly my gpa still wouldnt be that good sigh. Also, on thursday before we left took a midterm in norse and turned in 2papers on friday for Bill and Jennifer's classes, so we will see how all that turns out upon my return to Morris. I need good grades on all of them, so I am quite worries. Home has been quite boring, I have sat around the last few days watching crappy tv and staying up late thinking. Went over to Nick's tonight becuase he needed my superior wow skills(another lie), actually he just needed someone who knew how to run a char through a major late game instance, i'll be doing a few more with him before I come back, its fun to see the late game content in wow, since I wont be able to start playing til summer starts. Also, on Friday we aregonna go to Fargo that should be a good way to kill a day. I prolly should do some of the readings Ihave got behind on, yet I have no motivation to do so but I really should since I have 2 midterms on friday when we get back. I m really really really tempted to get a haircut right now, my hair has never been this long and I really dislike it, I have a strong feeling Ill get it cut before I go back. Right now my biggest wish is that I could genuinely say life was getting better or was progressing in the right direction. Some day it will be my turn, I hope. And someday I will be whole and happy again. Anywayz enough of that, take it easy all and remember the gorilla loves ya. Peace and much love.