Sunday, April 30, 2006

And you must find the jade monkey before the next full moon...

hey gorilla groupies. Sorry that it's been so long since I blogged, I bet you are all going through Jake withdrawls.(lol jk)Anywayz not to much new or exciting in my life. My rogue is up to lvl 47, so close yet so far away. Not much school left unfortunately I have 4 papers and 3 finals. 2 of the papers are done. I m not sure how I will do on all of them I really was hoping for another straight A semester but I have a feeling that I will be getting something else in my Norse Sagas class. Oh well I m just going to have to wait and hope. Definitely not looking forward to writing the other 2 papers and taking all my finals. I m definitely ready for summer though. It will be nice to have some downtime. Something to look forward to is, that I have been having lots of dreams lately that would make good stories, so I might write them down in story form on here(despite being a crappy writer) but at least it will entertain everyone for a few minutes. However,I may or many not change the names around I havent decided yet. Similarly, the older I get the more I realize the importance of words. Words can be used as words or as tools to build someone up or used as weapons to destroy a person. So chose your words carefully because you never know what effect your words might have or what words a person might remember you by. Anywayz I love all of you. Peace and much love.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

A few words....

Hey everyone. In this post I'm gonna do something I prolly should more often, speak from the heart. Today is the the birthday of someone very special to me who once loved me very much, I wish that person a happy birthday where ever they are and whatever they are doing. My thoughts and heart are with you, always. Anywayz that was my short moment of spilling my guts, sorry to those of you who dont appreciate it or think I m weak for saying it,oh well I guess it is after all my blog. I love yall very much. Peace and much love.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Oh what to do?

Hey groupies. Sorry I go so long between posts but I usually find myself busy doing other things. Those tests I discussed in the last post turned out ok, I got A's on both of them, so my performance was fairly satisfactory but there is still room for improvement. I have been playing alot of wow lately my new rogue is up to lvl 35, and hes really pimped out, I got bored of my mage but hes at lvl 48. The end of this year is raising a lot of questions for me, not only about my future but about myself as well. Sometimes its really hard to focus cuz many of these questions are occupying what little brain space I have. I still havent reached an authoritative decision onwhether or not to come back, sometimes I m really excited to come back and such, and others I cant think of a single reason to stay, I guess we just have to wait and see. It really just breaks down to a few questions that I cant seem to answer yet? Then again this part of the year is really rough, this part of the year was a celebration for someone I cared for very deeply and still do, and its hard to think about it. Sometimes I really hate myself for caring so much about things and people and letting that play such a big role in my life, but its just who I am. Anywayz ill shut up and go to bed Remember all the Deuce loves everyone of ya who reads this


Sunday, April 02, 2006

Then get me his non-union Mexican equivalent...

hey groupies. Not much is new with the gorilla. Took a history test on friday so I am anxiously awaiting to get that back as well as my con law test.I admit I m kinda worried about these two I m not sure how well I did on either. I really need to get good grades this semester in order to keep pushing my poor gpa up unfortunately I m not sure if thats whats going to happen, sigh, I think I might have choke syndrome,meaninging whenever I really need to come up big or come through for someone I choke. I guess we will see when I get them back. The more I think lately the more reasons I seem to have for leaving Morris, I mean honestly there are only a few reasons I can think of for staying one of those being conveienance and/or ease. I m not quite sure if thats reason enough to stay. I dunno I guess I think there are way too many people in Morris who know way to much about me. Anywayz sorry folks if this was a depressingpost,but its honest. Ill try to update when I have more new info or thoughts. Remember all the gorilla loves ya lots. Peace and much love.

P.S. I have acquired another new nickname, deuce.