Thursday, October 26, 2006


Hey everyone. So, since I have been really bad at updating this thing so far I figured I would try to do it a bit more often. What can I say my legions of fans demanded more updates(legions of fans means the 5 ppl in the world who actually know who I am, I am totally kidding that number has to be at least 8). Not that I have a great deal to say or any significant news just a random jumble of thoughts. First off, a lot of people have been talking to me about personal issues lately. Now I certainly don't mind listening(in fact I would like to consider myself a good listener)but I find myself having a hard time giving out advice about a variety of topics. However, here are a few bits of advice I would offer up to ppl. Certain things in life are hard to get over, in fact some things a person can never forget. The tough part is living with the loss or change and trying to keep going in a semi successful manner. Someone once told me sometimes all you can do is try your best to get by and if that's all you can do then at least your trying and no one can knock ya for it. Another piece of good advice is, never let anyone determine who you are or what you wanna do. Never hold yourself to anyone else's standards or expectations. If you can look at yourself in the mirror everyday and say I like who I am, what I am doing, and the way my life is going then that's all that matters. Finally, take responsibility for your own actions. If you mess up have the guts to admit your mistake and do your best to make things right. None of us are perfect(except maybe Jon and Patrick)and making mistakes is natural but it's important to admit your mistakes and learn from them. This is one area I could use some work in. I blame myself for too much sometimes. I can think of several situations where I take responsibility for something failing when it wasn't necessarily my fault. Relationships,grades, and a wide variety of other things are good examples. For some reason I will always blame myself for the failing of my relationship with someone(you all know who I mean).As much as I wish I could blame someone else I can't. I will always think of it as my failure to be perfect in some way or another. Sometimes I think trying to define myself by success in whatever I do is a bad idea. But then again that's how I have always defined myself. And really if I don't have success what do I have? I m strictly speaking in the academic sense because I pretty much fail at everything that counts. Maybe that's why law school will be a good fit for me, I m desperate for success and law school basically demands people strive for it. I do apologize if this is a bit long but these are the types of things I often find myself thinking about. For being as goofy and silly as I am I do quite a bit of serious thinking everyday, shocking I know. Before I make my closing remarks I have one more observation. One thing I have learned is that most girls either really like red heads or really don't. I mean honestly ask yourself if any girl you know has ever described a red headed male as attractive or desireable without prompting it is certainly not one of the first things that comes out of a girl's mouth(you know the whole tall dark and handsome thing). I find this odd because most guys I know find red headed females to be quite attractive. Something to mull over in your spare time. Anywayz sorry if I bored any of you with this long post but it's late and I felt like writing so I did. Remember I love everyone of ya who reads this. Peace and much love.


P.S. The phrase "this would be really awkward if I could get an erection" is hilarious and should be used whenever possible. The same is true of the phrase " then get me his non-union mexican equvalent".

Friday, October 20, 2006

What to say..

Hey everyone. So it's been awhile since I have actually posted on this thing and I thought I would throw out a few updates for those who are interested. First, I recently got papers back for my Modern Japan and Intro to East Asian history classes and got an A- on both. Certainly not the best grade but it was the first paper I have written for the prof and I intend to demand better from myself the next time. Anything short of excellence is unacceptable. I find myself having a difficult time caring about my senior sem. One reason I dislike it so much is they try to sell the class and the project as a team environment. It really is stupid to pretend it's a team effort when your performance and ability will end up determining your grade. Also to a large extent I don't care how well other people in the class do especially since I don't know many of them and none of them are people I would consider friends. Maybe it's because I'm a very self sufficient and I don't really need a support network for this type of thing but I just find the class to be a waste of time and a large hassle. Oh well enough complaining about that. There isn't a whole lot of news to report. I struggle through each day the best I can and hope that things will eventually get better. I've been waiting for so long for things to improve I just wish they would but maybe this is fate that was meant for me.Perhaps law school will make things better if nothing else it will be a bit different than what I am used to.Everyone be sure to wish Chris a happy and safe birthday this Sunday since it will be his 21st. Anywayz remember all that I love everyone of ya. Peace and much love everyone.