Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A much needed update...

Hello everyone. So here is a quick run down of what is new and/or important. Grades for the semester were acceptable, the only unfortunate part is that I need to wait awhile longer to get the other 2 grades posted. I will be taking the lsat again in Feb since my Dec score sucked. This time I will be victorious because failure is not an option. More intense preparations will be put into this test. I went in and talked to Greg about lsat and grades today. I must admit that I always feel pretty good about myself after talking to Greg, although him always telling me to be more confident about my abilities does get a little annoying. Some people have a great deal of self confidence others don't and some can fake it when they need it. However, it is nice to know there are a few people out there that believe in me a great deal, especially ones I have a great deal of respect for. School is starting again shortly and this semester should be fairly easy all things considered. I must admit I absolutely hate the fact that my senior sem class mandates attendance at everyone else's senior sem even those who are not from my class. One phrase to describe that policy DEE DEE DEE!!!! Needless to say I will be wasting many Tuesday afternoons listening to presentations I could care less about. I also found out that for the BC release the Alex game stop is having a special midnight release meaning I will most definitely be there. Also I have been thinking a lot lately and here is the short list of things I am thankful for: WoW, 2 dogs that have listened whenever I need to talk about anything, a great and supportive dad and a very entertaining group of friends. Anywayz, remember that I love all of ya. Peace and much love.


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