Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Hey everyone. So, I promised to post more and here it is. We had our video scavenger hunt this past weekend. The Cobra Commandos(myself, Patrick, and Dan) proved to victorious over The Aqua Teen Munger Force and The Sissy Girls. It was an extremely close battle between Cobra and the ATMF. I must say that I don't recommend taking a metal broom to the back twice or getting clotheslined by Patrick. Then again winning is what really matters and win is what we did.... COBRA! I recently finished up the whole senior seminar ordeal and yesterday was the last set of presentations we had to suffer through. My presentation(last week) went fairly well and I thought I handled the questions rather well, with the exception of one of Greg's. I maintain that until that part of the poli sci program undergoes a complete revamp that it is a worthless and time consuming experience. I have also been busy administering homelessness surveys in the Fargo area, which went fairly well. Classes are going fairly well, Professor Shorb seems to think rather highly of my TA abilities and has felt the need to tell me so on several occasions. What can I say I am the world's greatest TA(lol jk), and so very humble. My world religion class has gone well, I got the high score on the midterm, I was a bit disappointed though cuz I got a few questions wrong when I really should have gotten a perfect score(my bad). My oral interpretation class has gone better than I expected, it really isn't that different than speech was. I'm used to a very different speaking style but adapting have been that difficult. Also, the prof has seemed to rather enjoy my performances. I really didn't expect to enjoy the class as much as I do. What can I say I'm a good performer(another obvious lie);)I should be getting law school decisions soon then begins the difficult process of deciding where to go...... this is gonna be a tough one. Anywayz back to rating my college courses. Let's see spring semester of my freshmen year. The best day of my life was in this semester when I asked an amazing girl to marry me and she said yes, needless to say many people were shocked since no one really knew that I was gonna pop the question then again my intentions often remain a secret until a decision is necessary. I was enjoying the company of all my friends in Pine Hall and enjoyed hanging out and goofing off. Sigh..... seems like a life time ago that things were so great. However, here is what my classes looked like.

English 1o11: College Writing Prof: Jenny Joiner

I ended up enjoying this class since it often turned into a discussion about a wide variety of things and I did most of the talking. Professor got kid of annoyed at everyone else's lack of participation at times which was rather amusing to me. I will also admit that Jenny was a rather attractive lady which made listening a much easier task. When I turned in my final paper for the class she told me that she thought I was gonna make a great lawyer in a few years(I took this as a big complement since before she became a prof she was a legal secretary). The class was enjoyable with a good prof. Grade:A-

Physics 1053: Intro to Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology Prof: Kristen Kearns

Hands down the worst class I have taken at UMM. The prof was a terrible lecturer, didn't know the material worth a shit, and was extremely dull and boring. Everyone but 5 people failed the first test(Patrick and I both passed god knows how). Basically the class was just fucking awful. I think I skipped this class like 15 or 16 times, which for me is unheard of. I learned more from reading the assigned book then attending lecture. This is the only class I have ever fallen asleep in. Playing moose vs rhino with Patrick was the only thing that made going to this class tolerable. I have no idea how Pat and I got B+'s from his course, the working assumption is that we both blacked out then paper bagged her and spit roasted her........terrifying yes, plausible...who knows. This class sucked huge Elephant dick. Grade: F

Pol 1201: American Government and Politics Prof: Dr. Gregory Thorson

Ahhhhhhh this class was great. I can't say I learned a lot from the course since most of it seemed like high school civics all over again. However, I was introduced to the brilliance of Greg Thorson. Greg made class enjoyable and demonstrated an incredible ability to analyze and breakdown current events and material that impressed me quite a bit. Not to mention Greg always found a way to keep things relaxed and funny. The funny thing about this class was that I don't think Greg even knew who I was at this point since I only talked in the class a handful of times. Dana and I managed to have fun in class though since we were usually writing or whispering something amusing. This class was a lot of fun and I met the man who would become my academic mentor and advisor. Grade: A

Span 1002: Beginning Spanish 2 Prof: Tom Turner

This class was great. First, Tom Turner is a pimp no ifs, ands, or buts about it. He made the class relatively easy as well I mean the study guides were the tests so it was a fairly easy course. Although I must admit I had a damn good Spanish tutor who made sure I learned my vocab as well as how to correctly pronounce things, but we did get distracted fairly often. Tom made class a whole lot of fun and always seemed to be happy to be teaching and interacting with students. Getting the high score on most of the tests was cool and Tom even mentioned on a few tests that I seemed to have a talent for language and should push my Spanish to a higher lvl. Fun class, great prof, and easy tests with extra credit on every one. Grade : A

So there we are folks that was my freshmen year, next post we move on to summer semester and sophomore year. I hope these updates will tide you over for now and if you wanna know more just ask via email, facebook, etc. Anywayz, I love everyone one ya who reads this and hope you are doing well. Peace and much love.


Monday, March 26, 2007

The Challenge........

We won!

I'll post more soon.