Sunday, April 29, 2007

It Continues....

Hello everyone. So as the end of the year approaches quickly I figure that I had better finish posting my reviews so I can do my special tribute post to cap it all off. So, what was going on in my life this time last year. Well I broke up Susy, which was really hard to do. Hurting people you really care about is something that really sucks but being honest with people you care about is super important. I still feel bad when I think back about how hard it was for her after we broke up, it was hard for me too. I did the best I could to be a good friend and be there and I am glad that we still talk once and awhile these days. Truthfully I am glad she has found someone that makes her happy and I wish them nothing but the best. That was the big event from spring semester of my junior year. Oh, and how could I forget the first ever Brad Coulombe challenge which the dirty danzas won in a landslide victory. So many stupid, painful, and embarrassing things done for pride and bragging rights. I will miss taking part in the challenge next year or maybe I will bring it with me where ever it is that I end up. Unfortunately I still have no idea where that will be. Anywayz here is the class rundown for the spring semester of my junior year.

Hist 3103 Medieval Europe Prof Jennifer Deane

This guys was pretty cool. I would admit I really kinda half assed my way through it though. I was kinda bummed for most of the semester and ended up skipping this class a fair bit. I think if I had gone to class more awake and ready to learn I would have gotten a lot more out of this class. Admittedly my lack of effort and enthusiasm is completely my fault. Jenn is really good prof who knows her stuff and always made class interesting. Really good class that I regret skipping a lot. I give this class a B+.

Hum 1002 Norse Saga Prof Janet Erickson

This was my first ever 8 am and I told myself it would be my last. One of the big selling points of this class was that I got to take it with Patrick. Janet is an extremely intelligent prof who really really knows her stuff. That being said I also think she is borderline crazy lol. She is a really cool prof but she is very demanding for papers and tests and such. I really enjoyed the readings from this class since I am kind of a mythology buff. The only thing that was harder then the papers was actually getting up and going to this class every Tuesday and Thursday. One would think that with 2 alarms going off that Pat and I would always get up and go.....that person would be wrong. This class was cool but would have been much better if it had been later in the day. I give this class a B+.

Pol 3352 Modern Political Thought Prof Bill Hunt

Another Bill Hunt class. The funny thing about this class was that I stopped doing the readings about half way through the semester and just faked my way through the positions cards and the exams and I still got an A. Like I said in an earlier post Bill really just wants to his own ideas and values fed back to him. Part of winning is having a good strategy, and the strategy for defeating bill is easy. The vanilla gorilla downs bill hunt, the lewt=an A in the class.(such a wow nerd). I give this class a C.

Pol 3231 Con Law Prof Greg Thorson

This class was fun. Listening to Greg talk about a wide variety of civil liberties issues rather amused me. As usual Greg made this class fun and interesting. However, I really hate the clickers and the stupid ass wiki things he tried to implement in this course. Greg is definitely one of the more technologically advanced profs on this campus(more so then any of the computing services ppl) but some technology is just not good at enhancing the course. I give this course an A.

Well only 2 semesters left folks so stay tuned for the final 2. Remember I love each and everyone one of ya. Peace and much love.


Monday, April 23, 2007

The Saga Continues.....

Hey everyone. Hard to believe that in a matter of weeks I will be graduating and forced to make a decision about where to attend law school. Things that require a lot of thought suck :( I keep hoping law school is gonna be a fresh start for me somewhere and hopefully I can shed the weight of my past failures, easier said then done though. Oh well I thought I better keep this story going so that I can end the school year with a post thanking everyone who made my college experience memorable and saying some things that I need to say to each of you. But for now the fall semester of my junior year. After a ton of debate I decided to return to Morris instead of transferring. I wrestled with this decision all summer, because I felt that returning to Morris betrayed something I had once told someone, in a way I still feel that way. However, when I came back I was extremely lucky that a beautiful lady took an interest in me. I am talking of course about the lovely Susy McCabe. Susy made me feel dateable again and helped restore part of the confidence I had lost. A lot of people couldn't understand exactly how important something like this is until you lose it and have to get it back. I consider myself lucky to have dated such a wonderful and beautiful girl. I also had a lot of good friends to make things fun: Patrick, Jon, Evan,Chris ... this is also the semester that I met Brad and Alex. I liked Alex from the moment I met him, he just kind of fit in naturally like he had been here for years. My first memory of brad is him telling us to check out the Dirty Danza website, while disgusted I also laughed my ass off and thought brad was our kinda people. As for classes here is how it went down.

History 1101 Intro to History of the world to 1500 Prof Jennifer Deane This class was about what I expected from an intro course. However, Jennifer made it fun and interesting. Our discussion group was a lot of us debating back and forth. I can't decided whether I talk to much or just have a rather dominating personality when put in that type of group setting. Anywayz the class wasn't bad and was fairly easy. Also Jenn is very attractive. I give this class a B.

History 3207 The Crusades Prof Jennifer Deane This class rocked ass! This is one of the most fun and interesting classes I have ever taken. I genuinely liked the readings and going to class every day. I also liked the disputatio thing we had to do because I utterly destroyed the other kids I was partnered with :) Also Dana and I would always be whispering funny observations back and forth, Dana pretty much rocked her disputatio thing too. Overall the class was tons of fun and Jenn did a great job making the material fun and interesting. I give this class an A+.

Pol 3351 Political Thought : Ancient and Medieval Prof Bill Hunt Ok, for those of you who don't know already there is an excellent strategy for getting an A in a Bill Hunt class. The strategy is as follows repeat everything Bill has said in your papers and tests and during class discussion pretend to be uber left wing or even in favor of socialism or communism and never let on that you are conservative in any way at all. I guess I have learned to adapt myself to a a variety of situations in order to yield the result I want, a very important skill especially for any class Bill teaches. Overall the material was ok, it drug out sometimes and many of the other people in the class weren't very good to debate with. I give this class a C-.

Pol 4211 The American Presidency Prof Greg Thorson I think between me and Mac we skipped every Friday session of this class. This is prolly the Greg Thorson class I liked the least. The subject matter was just not all that exciting or interesting. Greg did his best to the class interesting and fun which he always does a great job at. But the history and poli sci writings of the American Presidency was just not all that interesting to me. I give this class a B.

Anywayz, stay tuned for the last 3 semesters and the special post to see if I have some things to say to ya. Remember I love everyone of ya. Peace and much love.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Darkest Day...

Hey everyone. I guess I really need to hurry up and finish these reviews of my classes before the semester runs out. This is the semester that is hardest to put into words. It's funny how some things can be explained perfectly by words and how others simply can't be explained. The worst day of my life happened several days into this semester. The person I loved more than anything left me without a real explanation of why.Of course I fell apart rather rapidly and just lost it. I can really say that for a few weeks after it happened that I completely lost touch with reality and everything was kind of a blur. I stopped eating and sleeping and going to class for the most part, and lost quite a bit of weight(wish that would have stayed off). I can honestly say that this was me at my very worst. I must admit it certainly wasn't easy to know that someone picked up their stuff and moved home shortly after this happened. So basically I spent a couple months in my room on the couch, tv off, and lights off wallowing in the depths of misery. I credit 2 people with helping snap me out of it. The first is my dad, my dad and I had not had a good relationship for a long time but he was the one person who I actually talked to about the situation and got to hear everything I had to say about the situation. However, asking for help has never been my style so you can imagine how difficult discussing something like this with someone you aren't on great terms with was. But through it all my dad was there for me whenever I needed to talk, and that is something I will be eternally grateful for. The second person I have to thank is Jon. Jon caught me going to dinner one night when I started eating regularly again and made me come and eat with him and the rest of the guys. Jon and some of the other guys made me feel like I was welcome to hang out with them and be part of the group. This gave me something to do instead of lay around moping all the time. It didn't make the pain go away(nothing ever has) but it helped me get my life somewhat on track. Again I can never thank Jon for what he did because words can't convey what that did for me. I managed to finish the semester with ok grades and a drop. However, I was wrestling with leaving Morris for the entire semester and and even got in contact with some other schools. Anywayz, I better review the classes:P

Econ 1111 Principles of Microeconomics Prof Pareena Lawrence

This class was pretty fun. I didn't like that we had to do group work at the end of class work everyday. Those of you who know me know that I don't care much for group work. Pareena was a really good instructor and make really bad jokes that were only funny cuz she laughed at them so hard. The material wasn't the most interesting thing in the world but that class was enjoyable and she was a really good prof. She actually asked me to be a tutor for this course the next time she taught it, apparently she thought I had the personality(I have one?) and skill(hmmmm) for it. I know I was puzzled too. I give this class a b+.

Phil 2101 Intro to Symbolic Logic Prof Lory Lemke

Ok so I'm really good at logic proofs since Patrick basically taught me how to do them which basically made the first part of the course really easy. However, some of the later material and word problems were just confusing and complicated as hell. Also, the papers he assigned were rather odd and the only reason I did reasonably well on the first few was with Patrick's help. However, on the later paper's even Patrick didn't seem to know what he wanted, and if Patrick doesn't know then you know it's messed up(Patrick=god of all things Logic). Another thing that was annoying about this course is that when he made comments on your work Lemke wrote in what seemed to be a combination of pictographs and hieroglyphics which were impossible to translate. Lory was a nice guy and a decent prof but this course was dull and hard to understand in certain parts thus I give it a C-.

Phil 2111 Intro to Ethics Prof don't remember her name

This is the class I basically stopped going to as a result of my breakdown. I remember the course being okay, and it was rather easy for me since I had already done most of the readings in an earlier Bill Hunt class. I remember the prof using really neat and funny examples to demonstrate points but since I stopped caring about anything I decided that sleep was more important and stopped going to the class. I ended up using my one free drop on this class. I can't give this class a grade because I didn't experience enough of it.

Pol 3232 Con Law Prof Greg Thorson

Ok I have to admit I really kind of half assed my way through this class. I just wasn't motivated to do well at anything. However, many of the discussions from this class were rather interesting despite some of the subject matter being a bit dull at times. A fairly typical Greg Thorson class.
I give this class an A-.

So that concludes my sophomore year next time we move on to fall semester junior year. Remember I love everyone of you who reads this. Peace and much love.


Friday, April 06, 2007

Sophmore Year Fall Semester- The Calm Before the Storm

Hey everyone. So as the title indicated this is the review of the fall semester of my sophmore year, but I'm gonna include the summer session I took before this as well. At this point I was really loving my life because everything seemed to be going my way and I was truly happy for the first time in my life.....gosh looking back it seems like forever since this all happened. During the fall I was living with Patrick although neither of us spent much time in our room, really it was just a place to store things and visit once in awhile. I was kind of an adopted member of Spooner basement where I lived with fiance at the time, having a bathroom to myself was nice and I enjoyed getting to spend lots of time with my signifcant other, although sometimes I'm sure got I her way or annoyed her a bit, I of all people realize what a pain in the ass I can be sometimes. Anywayz back to the review which your all dying to read. \

Music 1041 Intro to Music Prof: I don't remember his name

Ok so the only reason I did well in this class is the help of my fiance at the time who basically coached me through the things he wanted us to know like identifying notes by sound and playing stuff on the piano. The class was relatively enjoyable and the prof was ok I remember thinking to myself a lot that he was a major metrosexual and that he was prolly bi also. On the whole(hehe I said hole) it wasn't a terrible class but it was annoying to have to deal with some of the unreasonable expectations of the class that were definitely outside my skill set.I give this class a C-.

Phys 1052 The Solar System Prof Gordon MacIntosh

This class rocked. Despite looking like a member of ZZ Top Gmac was an awesome prof who knew his stuff backward forwards and sideways. I had an awesome lab partner for this class who was exceptionally fast so we always got done with our lab first. This class was extremely well taught and gmac even managed to sneak a few really good jokes in once in awhile. I give this class an A.

Hist 1301 Intro to U.S. History Prof Rolland Guyotte

This class was really cool. Roland is definitely one of the most intelligent professors I have had. He had a rather odd lecture style and kind of jumped all over the place but he managed to cram so much cool information in each lecture it was worth listening to. I had this class with Dana and I remember giving her quite a few notes this semester for days she had missed. For a discussion leader I had the girl who sat 2nd chair violin next to my ex and would always tell her how I basically owned the discussion group, what can I say I rock(omg I'm such a dirty liar). Rolland was a really cool prof who gave tons of info and gave pretty decent tests. Overall I give this class a B+.

Pol 1401 Intro to World Politics Prof Jay Nisly

It is to bad that Nisly left and got a job at a major university instead of staying and teaching at UMM. A very knowlegeable and fun prof who incorporated humor with quite a few of his lectures but still conveyed the necessary information. I really wish I could have taken an upper division course with him while he was here . The only downfall of this class was listening to lots of stupid people voice their opinions on world politics. This one girl was obsessed with Brazil because that's where she was from and she would always repeatedly talk about why Brazil was better than America at completely random times. We also had other random idiots in this class who had similar behaviors. Stupid people aside Nisly made the course enjoyable and gave really easy tests. I give this class a B.

Pol 3201 The Legislative Process Prof Greg Thorson

So this is the semester when Greg became my advisor and learned who I was lol. This is also the first class where I really knew my friend Mac Wilson. I really enjoyed this class because I really like Greg's teaching style. We talked a lot about the presidential election that happened in November. There was quite a bit of reading in this class which was rather annoying at times but it was usually fairly manageable. When we did our committee exercise at the end of the year I had fun and especially enjoyed being the chairman of our fake committee(me with any type of power is a scary thing). The moment I won't forget from this class is the one time Greg offered to let me teach class for a day. I give this class an A.

Pol 4221 Judicial Politics Prof Greg Thorson

Poor Greg he had to see me everyday of the week for the entire semester. This class was relatively small and Jen was there too. Jen and I weren't well acquainted yet but I remember thinking she was rather bright when she talked. Most of this class seemed like Greg and I talking back and forth which no one else seemed to mind. I really enjoyed most of the reading from this class since I am interested in law and things relating to law and as to be expected Greg made this class very fun and interesting. I give this class an A and I still feel sorry for Greg for having to see me every day of the week for an entire semester.

So that does it for summer semester and fall semester of sophmore year. This was a period of my life which made me really happy. I suppose I should be grateful that I got to be so happy for a year and a half but I find myself missing it more than being thankful for it. Anywayz next semester is when the wheels really came off the bus and things went from great to awful. However, I will save that happy and exciting topic for my next post. I hope you are doing well and succeeding in your various endeavors. I love everyone of ya who reads this on a regular basis. Peace and much love.