Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Had to share this... wow lol this is like something Patrick and I would come up with, we are still bitter about the guys who stole our idea and did the Jizzard of Oz. everything in this video is true... lol. lol this is just funny.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Hey everyone. So home is still boring. I have still not found employment. I sleep a lot. As for law school I have only been accepted to Hamline. William Mitchell wait listed me which was quite a bit of a shock to me since I thought I was in for sure. I hate the uncertainty that I have in my life right now. So unless Minnesota, Marquette, or Nebraska outright accepts me there might be issues with going to law school in the fall. Needless to say I am kind of bummed right now. Anywayz I'm bored so I'm going to continue the list of things I hate to amuse myself.

Infomercials....especially the ones with Ron Popeal
I really want to know who came up with the idea of having really bad actors attempt to demonstrate product usage to "friends". Take for example the magic bullet ....omg I have never seen anything like it! Really? To me it looks like a scaled down blender. Omg how does it work? Well metal blades cut things.....I mean come on. Another one that is on all the time is Girl's Gone Wild. Now as you all know the ole Vanilla Gorilla is definitely a fan of boobs :) However, I really don't wanna pay money to see them. Also, advertisements for this company seem to be on every channel late at night. And then there are the ones from my arch enemy Ron Popeal and his patsy chef Tony. Buy these new incredible those look like a knife set I could buy at walmart for half the price. But these amazing knives can cut through a muffler, sheet metal, and cinder blocks.......I eat those items frequently. I question the mechanical ability of anyone who uses a kitchen knife to make alterations to a muffler.

Not getting interviews
So it seems like every time I call places I have applied to to set up an interview I am shot down. These seem to be the two most common responses. We have your application and we will call you if we are interested in setting up an interview or Sir you are over qualified for the position that you are applying for and we aren't interested. I would think that most people that work at the places I am applying are over qualified but they have jobs anywayz. I guess I am slightly frustrated that no one has even been willing to bring me in and interview me. I know I just have to keep applying and hoping but it is still rather sucky.

Only some of you will understand this one....... Fighting Paladins in the Arena
OMG you can not fucking kill a good Paladin it's pretty much impossible. It's not so bad in 5v5 , but in 2v2(my team is 2 rogues) can not kill any team that has a Paladin. The worst part is that for a Paladin to be a good pvp healer they don't have to change up their spec at all the best pally healing spec works just as well for raid healing as it does for pvp healing. I would be the first to admit that combat swords isn't exactly ideal for dealing with any type of casters however even if I was 21/0/40 and had a nasty mainhand dagger I wouldn't be any better off against pallys.

Ok I am done complaining for the moment. Stay tuned for important updates. I love all of ya. Peace and much love.


Friday, May 18, 2007

Home is boring....

Hey everyone. So I have spent less than a week at home and I am already bored. I have already applied for a bunch of jobs and hope to hear back on at least 1 sometime soon. But mostly I sleep a lot and play a fair amount of wow, playing wow lag free is so nice and now I actually have my raid spot back. You wow ppl will understand that part. Anywayz since the last post was saying nice things about people I care about. This post would be to say negative things about people I don't like. So here are some things that I find annoying or stupid.

People who don't like walmart
You people really need to shut the hell up. So many of you bitch and complain about walmart and really have no idea what you are talking about it. So what are the most common complaints against walmart: walmart forces small business to close, walmart destroys towns, walmart has shady business practices. Walmart does often force mom and pop business to close, do you know why that is? Because Walmart usually offers a better product at lower prices than small businesses do. Since walmart is an extremely large corporation it is able to do this where small businesses can't. I really have no problem with it because that is how economics works. Walmart also pays more and offers better benefits then most local family owned small businesses. Walmart also creates a large number of jobs where small businesses are usually family owned and run. If you have the capital and intelligence you have the opportunity to own and run a business, however no where does it guarantee that you have the right to succeed at your business and unless you can offer a service walmart does not or offer better or cheaper you are probably going to fail. Really this is basically how economics works and if you have a problem with free markets you suck. Second criticism: walmart destroys towns. If you think walmart destroyed your town you are stupid. Walmart brings many jobs and revenue that were not present before and also offers many products that are not otherwise available especially in rural areas. If you are implaying that walmart destroyed your community some how then you had a really weak community before hand that would have been destroyed eventually anywayz. If you feel like walmart has made your community to urban than move to an even more remote area and quit bitching. If you live here in rural minnesota you realize one walmart or super walmart doesn't make things that much more urban and we still live in the middle of nowhere. Third criticism: walmart has shady business practices. Name one major corporation that doesn't. The thing I find most hilarious are people who bitch about how bad and evil Walmart is and then shop there anywayz, if you feel that strongly stand up for your beliefs and find some overpriced small business to buy from. I maintain that any store that sells 3 dollar whole pies can not be evil or bad.

Mac Users
Now I don't mean all mac users. But this is addressed to those of you who avidly defend how great macs are. First of all, macs are not great machines despite what you people say no one who uses a computer for anything that matters uses a mac. Businesses run on real PCs, people who do graphic stuff and web pages use PCs, serious computer gamers and the rest of the world all use pc's. Mac's are used in schools because they offer enormous discounts to high schools and grammars schools, but that is the only reasons they are used there. Yes mac's may be more user friendly for people with like a 2nd grade education but if you have any computer literacy whatsoever a normal PC will do just fine. But Jake people don't make viruses for macs, you are right because no one uses the things. But Jake Macs come in different colors. Wow if you picked a mac because you wanted it to match your room or color scheme you fail. What I especially hate is the stupid commercials mac puts out I mean cmon. I really wanna see a Microsoft commercial with Bill Gates with a big shit eating grin sitting next to a pie chart that shows who makes more money every year and the percentage of ppl who use PCs as opposed to Mac's. Again this is only directed at very vocal mac users. Really Ipods are the only thing you make that people really want so stop pretending like your computers are superior because they are not.

I love that a reporter from the BBC was screaming at one of these idiots on tape. They deserve it. Normally I'm not one to insult someones religion but for these idiots I'll make an exception. Absolutely nothing about your religion makes sense and you can't defend this faith in any way shape or form. I mean if your willing to trust some random idiot with a modified bio meter to tell you whats wrong with your soul , you are not a smart person. You know by saying theses things someone who gets this soul in a trillion years on a different planet is gonna need to undergo so theaten rehabilitation. That's all the time I'm giving you idiots.

Kabblah(Kabblah Centre)
You people are almost as stupid as the previous group. You are trying to be hip mystical Jews.... it doesn't work. You realize that those of you who follow new age Kabblah are following a religion that was made up by a former insurance salesman from New York who changed his name and gave himself the title of Rabbi. Real Kabblah is old school and very weird but at least it incorporates a fair bit of mainstream Jewish traditions. I guess the promise of power, telepathy, and clairvoyance you people promise is appealing. I mean just by looking at the 72 names for god that you have I gain power and my molecular structure is altered. Oh well you can spend time chatting with the Scientology idiots about how aliens raped each other and you.

People who have no sense of humor
If you can't take a joke or wanna take everything seriously you suck. You have to be able to laugh at yourself. I've learned that it's much better to laugh that it is to cry.

Well that was fun. Feel free to throw comments up everyone. I love all of ya. Peace and much love.


Friday, May 11, 2007

A tribute to all of you....

Hey everyone. Hard to believe that I am now a college graduate. Seems like yesterday that I was pulling up to Pine Hall in my Bronco with Nick following me in his Neon. Now here I am 4 years later and the story is over. Graduation was ok, the student speaker and both alumni speakers were terrible. The chancellor was quite good though. Anywayz, this post isn't about me it is about you guys and girls. The following are things that I wanna say to each of you that has made my college experience memorable that I wasn't able to say in person. Now forgive me if these statements lack eloquence or grace since I don't really have a knack for either. However, these statements are honest and sincere and I figure that will do. I know everyone I list doesn't read this blog or even remember me anymore but I don't care I'm gonna say things anywayz.

Chris you are an extremely kind hearted human being. I truly believe that you would give any one of your friends the shirt off your back without them even having to ask. You are a person who genuinely desires to make the world a better place for everyone while asking very little for yourself. You have a lot of big dreams and although some of them are a bit unreasonable you have nothing but the best intentions. Your undying optimism is very endearing. I know you have suffered some major hardships in your life but you have dealt with them incredibly well. I know when you decide what you wanna do with your life that you are gonna be great at it. Never stop believing in yourself and your dreams. I'll miss you man.

Brad my first memory of you is having a discussion about how great it would be great to be able to grab barrels out of your pants and throw them at people(it totally would be awesome). I pretty much knew right there that you were my kinda person. You are an extremely talented and funny guy. I miss the days of walking into your room at 5-6 am and having random discussions about the weirdest stuff. Also, it was nice to have you around due to your vast amount of sports knowledge which allowed us to discuss all sorts of sports related topics as well as drawing up the playbook for the game against Spooner(we totally would have won if those guys hadn't pussed out). Most importantly, you introduced us to the Brad Coulombe challenge which has provided a myriad of disgusting, amazing. and hilarious stories. You are a terrific guy and a huge pimp. I hope you get that movie part at open casting so I can be your manager and leach off you;)I'm gonna miss you quite a bit and I look forward to hearing about how you hooked up with the 8 hottest chicks in Morris at the same time.

So many Greg Thorson classes together. I missed having you around Morris. I remember us having all sorts of random discussions with you, Jon, and the ex. I remember many late night sessions where we bemoaned the fact that 2 beautiful blondes from South Dakota had broken our hearts. It was nice to talk someone about it and I hope I was as good a listener as you were. I'll never forget when we got into the campus tunnels and went exploring for an hour or 2, such good times. I am glad to see that you have found yourself a new girl and a job that you really seem to like.I wish for your continued happiness and success and I promise to keep in touch.

You are an extremely capable and talented girl. You are one of those people who knows way way to much about me. It was always nice to have someone in history and poli sci classes who would laugh at my and inappropriate and bad jokes. I think you are gonna kick ass in history and library sciences and make one hell of a librarian. Be confident in your abilities and talent because they are vast. Don't let anyone make you feel like you don't deserve what you want and stop listening to your mom( you don't wanna become what it is you hate the most(trust me I know :L)). I wish you nothing but the best and I know in 5 years you are gonna have a great job, a good husband, and maybe a kid or 2.

Hard to believe that for a long time you and I didn't really like each other. My very first impressions of you were completely and totally wrong. You are an extremely talented and intelligent girl. I hope I am able to follow in your foot steps and go to law school and kick butt somewhere. I always appreciated the fact that you would try to get me to talk about myself, and although I always tried to change the subject or just refused to saying anything I really did appreciate the fact that you were interested in what I thought or fealt about something. It has been far too long since we have had the opportunity to chat, I hope I am able to see you sometime in the near future and pick your brain about law school.

Within the first minute of meeting you I knew that I liked you. That first epic trip to Culver's fealt like you had been one of the guys for years. You are an amazing guy you are a genius, a very talented musician, hilarious, a good decision maker, and a great friend. I'm gonna miss hanging out with you a lot, mostly cuz you tolerated all my random jokes and musings. Also, it never ceases to amaze me how quickly you can fall asleep and what you can sleep through. Truly sir you are an amazing human being. I expect that soon you will be dating an extremely gorgeous girl who is as talented and intelligent as you are. I wish you the best in your next 2 years and Morris and I hope I am able to come back and visit.

I will never understand how you tolerate so many things in good humor. I really wish I had your level of tolerance for people and different ideas. You are an exceptionally intelligent person Evan and I think you are gonna make a great teacher if that is the profession that you choose to pursue. I would consider it a privelege to have any of my children taught by you. It was nice to have you around to argue with and to tell me that I was wrong/being a douchebag when I needed it. Even though we disagree about a lot of things I think I learned a lot from you and always appreciated your perspective on things. I hope to see you through this summer man.

Alot of these posts have been rather difficult to write since I am not really great at this kind of thing, but these next 3 are especially hard.

Wow. What I do I say to you. You are one of two people who saved my life. You have so many qualities I admire and wish I had myself. You are confident but never arrogant, always eloquent, able to discuss anything intelligently but also yell when appropriate, you always seem to know the right thing to say and do, and no matter where you are and what you are doing you seem to be successful. I don't know what else to say to you Jon other than it has been an honor, a privelege, and a pleasure to be able to call you my friend.

What do you say to one of the best friend's you have ever had? You are like the other half of my brain. I'm pretty sure we are actually one person that was accidentally split into 2. I suggest we do the fusion dance. I miss having you around already and I have only been home less then a day. Word's can't describe how good of a friend you are. You are one person that I hope I never lose touch with, I hope something works out so that I am able to live in close proximity to you so that the adventures of Patman and J-Train will continue for many years to come. I'm very lucky to have a friend as good as you. I don't know what else to say except thank you.

This is by far the hardest one to write. It is amazing the power your name holds over me, even typing it now brings back a flood of memories. I loved you more than anything else in the wolrd and pretty much anyone that knew us both knew that was true. The hardest thing I have ever had to deal with was you dumping me. I still don't know why it happened and I prolly never will. I'll never forgive myself for doing whatever I did that drove you away and messed up our relationship. My life would be a lot easier if I could hate you, or blame you, or talk negatively about you.... but unfortunately I simply can't. You leaving took a big part of me that I have never been able to replace with anything else. You are the best and worst thing to happen to me in my life so far.You are an amazing and talented girl who I miss everyday. I feel lucky that I got to call you my own if only for a short while. I'm sure where ever you are and whatever you are doing you are a great success at it and I wish you happiness. You have probably forgotten all about me by now but I will never ever forget you.

Well everyone I hope that I didn't upset anyone with anything I said. These are just a few things that I wanted to say to each of you even if you never read this blog. I love all of you tremendously. Each of you has a good friend to me and I miss/will miss everyone of you. Anywayz feel free to comment as always. Peace and much love.


Hard to believe....

That I will be graduating in several hours...check back tonight for my final collegiate post with notes to all of you. Peace and much love.


The story ends....

Hey everyone. You know it's a weird feeling walking around a place that you have been for a good bit of time and will be leaving shortly, especially when you don't know the next time you will be back. I will miss my friends and such here in Morris but at the same time I am very glad to be leaving. I really feel like the last 2 years has been me just dragging myself to the finish line so I can move on the next race(I know I know fat guys shouldn't use racing analogies). I have a lot of good memories here and made quite a few good friends, that being said I carry a lot of baggage with me as well and I'm interested to see if a fresh start will help alleviate some of my many problems. A lot of you probably have no idea what I am talking about cuz you aren't as screwed up as I am :) Anywayz here is how it broke down for my last semester here.

IS 1341 Intro to World Religions Instructor Patrick Murphy

This class was really easy. Once a week+ met for 2 hrs,+10 pt open note quiz at the end of each class+easy sauce tests= Victory for the Vanilla Gorilla. I actually did learn quite a bit about a number of different world religions from this class. By the way, people that believe in Scientology and Kabbalah are just plain weird, normally I don't like to knock people's religions....but c'mon. I would amuse me greatly to sit down with one of these Scientology auditor ppl, let them use their e-meter on me, then tell me why my soul is unhappy because of something that happened 10 trillion years ago in a galaxy far away. Maybe I was Xenu's Lt or something like that and owned a sweet pad on the home planet. Anywayz, once I got over the fact that the prof had a major lisp I enjoyed the class quite a bit and learned a good amount of stuff. I give this class a B.

Is 3800 Practicum in Social Science Professor Patrick Shorb

Ok so this is a fancy title that means I was a TA for credit. This was actually my 3rd time being a TA and my 5th offer to be one. I always like being a TA, it is a group of kids that has to sit and listen to me while their grade depends on it(well not that much).This was a history class so we had some interesting discussions, and our TA meetings with Patrick were always interesting. I'm really surprised that so many profs offered me an opportunity to TA through out my time here at UMM. I skipped quite a few of the lectures for this class in favor of sleeping. Yes, I am a slacker. I give this class a B.

Poli 3101 Political Science Analysis Professor Greg Thorson

This class means that I took every Greg Thorson class that existed in my 4 yrs at UMM. What can I say other than the man is brilliant and I wanted to soak up as much of his wisdom and knowledge that I could. This class was very different from what I expected. We spent most of the semester learning about good scientific procedures and that sort of thing. Then we moved on to data analysis which was actually quite a bit of fun. I wish I had the opportunity to take this class last year, because the skills I learned from this class would have allowed me to present a much better senior seminar.(Not that I really care about the whole senior sem thing but it would have been better had I taken this class first). This class was a lot of fun and Greg is a terrific prof who I will miss quite a bit. Greg is someone who believed in me no matter what and who always seemed to boost my ego when I talked to him, always nice to have someone you respect that really believes you are worth something. I give this class an A+.

Th 2201 Oral Interpretation Professor Kimberly Glover

This class worried me. I am not an art person I can't sing, draw, write creatively,mold clay, dance or take pictures. The only thing I can do passably is speak and I don't even do that well. So naturally for an art performance credit this is what I took.I ended up enjoying this class. The prof was really cool and seemed to really enjoy my performances. Apparently me playing female parts and doing female voices and actions is hilarious. I was surprised by the number of positive comments I got from my classmates on my performances. Kim really made this class a lot of fun and kept the atmosphere really laid back and fun. I ended up enjoying this class a lot more than I thought I would. I give this class an A.

So that's it folks that pretty much sums up my experience here at UMM, now all I have to do is show up on Saturday and get my diploma. Please let it be a short ceremony. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post which will be my goodbyes and notes to all of you. I will warn you in advance that certain parts might be a little sappy but I think some of these things need to be said before I leave since I don't know when I am gonna get to see some of you again. I love you all. Peace and much love.


Monday, May 07, 2007

It's the final countdown....

Hey everyone. I'm not sure why it is that I always post on this thing at extremely odd hours. I like to think that it is because I think and write better at odd hours when there isn't much noise or any distractions. Hard to believe that at the end of the week I will be a college graduate. Luckily, I only have one real final this semester. I'm not really looking forward to the commencement ceremony this upcoming weekend, I hate long and boring ceremonies that are made even longer by people making pointless speeches about how big of an accomplishment something is. To be honest the only reason I am walking is for my folks, which seems rather senseless since my mom and I are on awful terms and will be for a long time/forever and my dad would understand if I chose not to walk. Then again I do quite a few things in my life that don't make sense and I am sure I will continue to do so. Anywayz, here is the run down from last semester:

Political Science Senior Seminar Prof Paula

Ok this class sucked enormous elephant cock there is really no better way to put it. I have ranted about this class numerous times so I'm not going to reiterate it again. I give this class af F.

Intro to East Asian History Prof Patrick Shorb

My relationship with Professor Shorb started out in a rather interesting way. I tried arguing some extra pts out of him that he docked me for mispelling a name and then proceeded to lecture me on the importance on naming places and people correctly. Several days later he sent me an email calling me Eric Anderson, I couldn't pass up the opportunity of calling him on it so I sent him an email back making the same point to him. A rather ballzy move on my part since he was my prof for 2 classes at the time but there was no way I was gonna let that slide after the previous incident. Fast forward to this semester when I ta for the guy and he has nothing but good things to say about me. I learned a lot from this class actually. My background in east asian history was very limited until I took this class. I had a good discussion section which I made a ton of jokes in because I got a lot of laughs, by laughing you only encourage me. The lectures were kinda of boring once in awhile and the reading load may have been a bit hefty at times for a 1xxx lvl course. Overall a good class I give it a B.

Modern Japan Prof Patrick Shorb

So do you remember earlier when I said that I was never gonna take another 8 am class since it was too big a pain to get up in the morning. Well, unfortunately this class looked interesting and I needed one more history course to finish out my minor. The class turned out to be really enjoyable though. The readings were really really interesting and the lectures were pretty good too. The discussion section for this class was by far the best one I have had at umm. We had some very inciteful people who made interesting comments. Also, everyone including Shorb laughed at my jokes about the material. I learned quite a bit about Japan from this class and I really really enjoyed it despite it being at 8 am. I give this class an A.

Rural Housing Policy Prof Greg Thorson

I have taken quite a few Greg classes as you can plainly see. This class was something of an experimental class. The class only has 7 people, 4 of which barely ever showed up :::cough:::evan, brad, chris,::::. The readings for this class were rather short and we spent quite a bit of time interviewing a wide variety of "experts" on various aspects of homelessness in small towns and communities. I think certain interviewees yielded much more and better information then others. Administering our actual survey at homeless shelters was an interesting experince, definitely not what I had expected. Greg made this class fun and the subject matter was fairly interesting. I give this class an A.

Only one semester left folks. Stay tuned for the next post where I give the rantings, ravings, and ramblings of this semester's classes. Also, watch for the post after that for my shoutouts,thank yous, and goodbyes to people. Remember I love all of ya. Peace and much love.