Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hello out there to all my ape addicts. In my last post I promised to post more often, yeah I have kind of slacked off in that department. Oh well, I'm gonna toss some updates and thoughts at ya tonight. Finals have come and gone, it feels good to have one semester of law school under my belt yet it is very humbling at the same time. It is humbling simply because of grades, which aren't all posted yet(still haven't figured that one out yet), however the ones that are up have been a mixed bag, nothing I'm ashamed of but it is a whole different league then undergrad was. Long gone are the days of simply showing up and getting A's, but I do appreciate that school is a bit more challenging these days, discussion in undergrad was ridiculous and always ended up with me dominating discussions until Greg would step in and own me, however it was almost always Greg that had to do so. Law school is a bit different because I don't find myself talking as frequently simply because I prefer to let people drone on with their pointless inquiries into irrelevant situations and hypotheticals. I really thought when I got to this level people would stop asking stupid questions, since you need to be reasonably intelligent to get into law school, however now people simply ask stupid questions in a more sophisticated fashion. Regardless I am enjoying school and it is a million times better than being where I was last year. I also owe a big thanks to my dad and to Greg both of who always believed that I could compete at the law school level and succeed, thank you both for always believing in me and encouraging me. Winter break was rather boring overall. I spent lots of time sleeping and earning 360 achievements and not a whole lot else, so being back in school is kind of nice simply for the fact of having somewhere to go and something to do. I did get to see my dear friend Alex and meet his gf who seems to be a very lovely and cool girl, very happy he found someone like that(proof that good things can happen to nice guys). However, I really did not appreciate the drastic change in class times for this semester, having to be up at 7:30 a.m. 4 days a week would not be my ideal schedule. Oh well, I'll live and set a better schedule for myself when I get to actually pick my classes. No I still have not gotten up the nerve to ask a certain girl out, I keep hoping someday I'll get to the guts to do it but we will see. That's about all I have for now so til next time ape addicts I love and miss all of ya. Peace and much love.

-Jake "Marvelous Ape"